Managed Inventory

Kriz-Davis Managed Inventory creates solutions for our customers. We put materials and material management expertise on site to more effectively manage materials used in all types of electrical construction and MRO processes. Our system can significantly lower costs and streamline MRO processes on time and on budget.

The KDMI process is a combination of three components: material acquisition, storage, and distribution services. With built-in flexibility, each solution is tailored to fit the needs of each customer. From a simple process of having materials shipped directly to the customer site, to complete on-site material storage and access, our process is designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

Benefits of KDMI

  • Reduced material acquisition time
  • Better product availability
  • Materials meet specifications
  • Reduction in material loss and scrap material costs
  • Streamlined administrative processes through reduced paperwork and handling
  • Less errors
  • Seamless transition
  • Accuracy in cost allocation
  • Material cost management
  • Improved material coordination
  • Customer resources stay focused on production or construction

We're not the only ones who believe KDMI can add value to the businesses we serve.  Read one of our customer testimonials to learn how we've benefitted our partners.

Please contact Shawna Fox, KDMI Business Unit Manager (Kansas), at 785-354-9532 or for more information about Kriz-Davis managed inventory or to inquire about having someone from Kriz-Davis come on site to visit with you.